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The ES section room is a place for all ES students to gather and use for their own needs. Among other things, the room offers a place to just relax, study or have lunch. Below you can read about where the room is, which rules apply in the room, the activities that are conducted in the room today and in the future, and the room's official purpose and goals.
Lägerhyddsvägen 5, if you are on Ångan and going to SLU, it is the second house on the right before the bridge that goes over the kungsängsleden. Entrance on the short side. Once inside the house, our room is on the far left just before the kitchen and the exit on the other short side.


Everyone who studies on the program. You need your own access card + your code. The room door requires a code. For security, this is not written here. Contact or a friend who knows the code if you don't know what it is. 


Of course, you clean up after yourself and leave the room at least as neat as you found it. Source sorting is available in the kitchen and must be used. 
Those who have meetings in the room take extra responsibility for the room looking nice. 
If you brew coffee, the coffee maker must be cleaned and put away after use.
Bookings are made by emailing (Your name, activity, telephone number) to Example: (Fredrik, Möte, 0701234567). Calendar with bookings can be found  
The room can be booked for meetings but not for just hanging out or studying. The booker has the right to refer those in the room from there. If the booker has not occupied the room 15 minutes after the start of the booking time, the booking expires. The board and committees always have priority to the room.


If for some reason you want to leave your belongings in the room, this is done at your own risk. The belongings must be put in a place where they will not get in the way of others who will use the room. Students who find other students' belongings in the room should not move/touch them unless required.

Community room
The room has a comfortable sofa, a bunch of chairs and internet. If there is no group room on the steam, it is a good place to just hang out and relax. You can also play board games there or in the section room. More information about using board games can be found 


Plug room
The room has a table and chairs for about 4-8 people. The lighting in the room is good, as is the internet access.


Coffee hub
It will be possible to make coffee and tea for SEK 15 per pot. Coffee from meetings will be left for everyone at ESare to access. Possibly there will be some sale of coffee and snacks.


There is a microwave in the kitchen so that lunch can be heated on the spot. Perfect for the days you sit and study and can't get to the steam room or Uthgård. For those who forgot lunch, there are frozen dishes that can be bought. 

The purpose of the ES section room is to be used as a student social and student union meeting point. The room must be usable by everyone studying ES and not necessarily only members of FET. The room should function as a meeting room and study area. The room should primarily facilitate the students, associations and committees on the program, which is the ultimate goal.

If you have suggestions or ideas about the section room, you can fill in the form below 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 







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