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The contact form works so that only the student social representative within FET has access to the answers. This provides security by guaranteeing that not just anyone on the board can read what has been written. Above all, this is for those who want to tell or talk about something that should be kept secret. Questions can also be forwarded to the responsible person on the board or conveyed via the student social representative.

The student social representative is available to handle and help with all social issues and conflicts. Be aware that the student social representative is not bound by confidentiality and can decide for himself whether the information should shared with someone else and to what extent (e.g. the issue can be discussed while you are anonymous). If it concerns more difficult student social issues, these can be taken up with UTN (which has a duty of confidentiality). 

When submitting comments on the board's work, it is guaranteed that all questions will be addressed at future board meetings. Feedback desired, leave email address.

This is part of the board's work to become more transparent and get closer to all ESers. We hope you find the contact form useful, and if you have any comments on the form itself, write it in or email the student welfare representative at

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