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Glad you want to become a member of FET! Welcome! It is free to be a member of FET and you get to take part in all the events and benefits that come with the membership. By submitting your personal data, you agree that FET saves your data for the purpose of saving to member registers and processes these according to FET's policy for the processing of personal data. If you want to read these, you canhere. Feel free to click that you want to join Unga Forskare, it's completely free and FET receives a grant for each member who wants to join.

Jag vill gå med i Unga forskare
Jag vill ha FETs nyhetsbrev
Jag godkänner att mina personuppgifter behandlas av FET enligt deras policy för behandling av personuppgifter.

Du är nu medlem i FET!

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