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What is ES?

On the Civil Engineering program in Energy Systems the students get a broad and solid engineering foundation to stand on. This knowledge is built on through further advanced competence within just energy systems and its integration into society. The basic technical knowledge provides good foundations for developing and improving solutions in both industry- and the private sector. 

Currently, there are no ready-made solutions for what the future energy supply will look like, which is the reason why students on the energy systems program will be highly sought after in the future. With good knowledge in system technology and today's energy system, there are all the conditions to be involved in developing solutions for the future.

Main competence:

  • Broad scientific basis in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology

  • Knowledge of both new and traditional energy technologies

  • Knowledge of control technology and system analysis for modeling and optimization

  • Spetskompentens inom olika energisystem så som Sol, Vind, Vatten och Kärnkraft

The education is a collaboration between Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agriculture. Both universities conduct world-class research in many different branches of the energy field, which gives students access to both supervision and research of top quality._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-18d_badcf5

Does your company want to market itself to sought-after students with cutting-edge skills?

We are happy to receive companies at lunchtime lectures, case evenings and the like. If you want to be seen in our channels, we market companies, but also opportunities for jobs, ex-jobs, internships and more.

Does this sound interesting for your company? Contact FET's business life officer!

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